Open source learning  
management system.

The best open source LMS for your eLearning platform. eLearning is an easy-to-use learning management system for students and teachers. Upload all kinds of content, evaluate your students' progress and motivate them to keep learning.

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Fun learning without complications

Create an amazing course thanks to our intuitive website builder. You are the source of knowledge: feel free to share it with the world.

eLearning - Odoo- Binhex cloud
eLearning - Odoo- Binhex cloud

Learning is a journey, not a destination

Engage your students. Keep them motivated with an intuitive platform where they can track their progress and communicate with others.

Train people. Measures results. Drives growth.

Evaluates attendee progress. Evaluations and certifications allow students to gain valuable feedback and validate their knowledge and skills.

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  • Quizzes: Effortlessly assess and boost your learning.
  • Reviews: Receive feedback on your content: likes, comments and reviews.
  • Prerequisites: Choose the course you want as a prerequisite for another course.
  • Sell your courses: Sell your courses and manage everything easily.
  • Forum: Create and get involved with your community.
eLearning - Odoo- Binhex cloud

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