Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Odoo

Customised development service for Odoo ERP Community and Enterprise.

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Odoo can be customised according to your business needs.

Somos un equipo de desarrolladores especializados en el desarrollo de aplicaciones Odoo


Create an application that meets the needs and connects with the rest of the Odoo applications.


Develop modules to extend existing functionalities.


Design themes to improve the user experience with the platform.

Quality standard

It is not only about developing and writing code, it is required that the code can be maintained over time, updated and improved.

To this end, code development is carried out using a quality standard where our team must have followed guidelines and best practices to maintain the code over time.

Desarrollo de aplicaciones con odoo

200 developed modules more than 10 applications

Nuestro equipo Our development team is constantly working to improve the functionality of the system.