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Specialized Hosting for Odoo Open Source ERP and CRM

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Binhex Cloud can host diferent Odoo Editions

Both community and Enterprise Editions

For several versions: 12, 13, 14, 15 y 16

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Advantages of Odoo Hosting with Binhex

KVM and Containers

Leader in technology


By using open source software we guarantee full access to all functionalities, as well as a high level of reliability and security.

Kernel Virtual Machines

KVM is the industry-leading technology for complete Linux virtualisation. It is a kernel module, integrated into the mainline Linux kernel.

LXC Containers

LXC is a virtualisation environment operating system for managing multiple isolated Linux systems on a single controller.

High availability

Operational continuity


A multi-node system allows the creation of virtual servers, creating a stable and reliable high availability service system.

Resource Manager

The resource manager monitors all virtual machines and containers in the cluster and acts automatically if something goes wrong.


The simulator allows behavioral tests and configurations to prepare complex environments.

Backup copies

A fundamental requirement

Backup and Restoration

Backups are a basic requirement for any IT system, the virtualisation platform has an integrated solution, with the ability to manage each storage.


The backup schedule runs automatically, specifying days and times, for each node and virtual machine.

This copy is optimised for fast and effective storage. 

LIVE Restoration

Live restore from the backup server minimises time, allowing access to data as soon as the restore point starts and data continues to be backed up in the background.

Do you need a custom-designed infrastructure?

We specialise in high-performance systems


Toda demanda requerida será cubierta. Poseemos un ancho de banda garantizado de 1000mbps y una transferencia de 5TB, estando preparado para IPv6.

De manera adicional, se podrá aumentar el caudal hasta 10 Gbps por máquina. El tráfico excedido lo facturaremos a final de mes.

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200+ companies use our support service.

Get Odoo Hosting with technical and functional support

Backup copies

Our servers in nodes and clusters include a system of 2 copies per day, every 12 hours., coinciding with peak load times (opening and closing of companies). These backups have a life cycle of 5 days.
Copies are hosted on servers and clusters in different data centres.

In addition, a second database and filestore backup is performed. in a third location, and we maintain the life cycle of these copies for 15 days.

Additionally, it is possible to take out longer life cycles.

Fully Managed

Your server is fully managed and maintained by Binhex.. With odoo hosting in Spain, updates and monitoring are our responsibility and  also the resolution of incidents. 24x7 incident resolution, with no time limit.

Modifications and configuration changes, updates, software installation are carried out during Binhex business hours (9.00 am - 6.00 pm, Mon - Thu) and (9.00 am - 2.00 pm Fri).
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