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Living in the present, looking to the future

Many Odoo implementations are proposed to solve today's problems, but seldom is a stable platform proposed over time.

Due to the rapid pace at which software in general evolves, it is essential to maintain the latest version of the platform.

There are numerous cases, where the update of Odoo applications and their corresponding database, make the work of version migration not an easy task, especially if the system has applications that are not maintained or are not correctly planned.

For the migration of Odoo versions, many fundamental aspects must be taken into account.

Migraciones con Odoo
Migraciones con Odoo

Aspects to consider

Preparing a test environment

Have a dedicated development environment to ensure that data is backed up, before migrating to the upgraded version.

Software maintenance

Determine whether installed applications or modules are maintained by their developer.

Transform the database

The database transformation process requires different processes depending on the Odoo edition (Community or Enterprise).

Resolution of incidences

Many of the version changes have redesigns in some flows or views, however much the database is transformed, an issue resolution process is required before finalisation.

Benefits of upgrades

Some features to consider upgrading:

Improved functionality

Odoo has process flows that can be improved and sometimes redesigned.

Code optimisation

Code rewriting to improve execution speed, possible bugs, etc.

Performance improvements

Improvements in the speed of the platform in general.

New features

New applications or modules to cover needs that were not there.

Database optimisation

The performance of database queries or improvements in database maintenance.


Correction of detected vulnerabilities and improvements against possible cyber attacks.

User interface improvements

Improvements in the user experience with the platform.

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