Technological innovation



Technological innovation is the primary tool that ensures efficiency, competitiveness, and survival in an increasingly globalized market, highly qualified, and with numerous technological solutions seeking to address the needs of any company.

Binhex's efforts are aimed at optimizing operating conditions, improving data security and  addressing the human side that every technological innovation requires

It's not just about providing the client with code and technology but about fostering a cultural change within the company focused on innovation and continuous improvement.

What sets us apart?

At our company, we don't just sell software; we build long-term relationships with our customers. Our Odoo-based ERP  and CRM offering is an extension of that philosophy. We work side-by-side with SMEs to understand their needs, customize solutions and ensure they are ready to meet market challenges from day one.

Our team

It is primarily composed of computer and systems engineers, who provide technological consulting services, equipment maintenance, system administration, and software development to small and medium-sized enterprises, mainly in the industrial and commercial sectors.

What does our experience tell us?

In our trajectory of almost a decade, we have embarked on a continuous discovery of trends on the digitalization process of companies, making Binhex Binhex's an ally of its customers that accompanies them in the growth process.

We have developed over 200 projects with clients from various parts of the world, from Miami to Morocco. Each company requires specific customization and adaptation, leading us to develop over 200 modules of the latest technology.

This experience gives us an advantage when it comes to providing accurate and immediate responses across a wide range of sectors: construction, logistics, storage, services, residences, real estate...

Maintaining our position at the top of specialized companies in implementing technological solutions requires continuous training, reflected in our certifications in new Odoo systems, Data Security, Big Data, and a strategic direction marked by R&D.