Easy project management 

An easy, intuitive and agile application, fully integrated to manage your projects and services.

The open source Odoo ERP and CRM project manager is an efficient tool to manage your services.

Drive your Success with Odoo Project Management

Looking for a comprehensive solution to manage your projects in an efficient and controlled way? With Odoo, you can transform the way your company manages projects, optimizing resources, meeting deadlines and obtaining exceptional results.

In Binhex, we understand that each project is unique and requires precise management to achieve success. Our Odoo solution offers you advanced and customizable tools that adapt to your specific business needs. From planning to execution and follow-up, Odoo provides you with everything you need to keep your projects on track and under control.


Clear and efficient project summaries


Keep track of delivery dates with an integrated calendar view


Plan the team's time for each task


Generate dynamic reports with real-time data for your analysis.

Generate forecasts of your needs

Analyses overall project performance and worker availability employees.

You can schedule your teams on different projects, taking into account attendance and free time.

Anticipate upcoming projects, compare dates and determine limits and scopes more accurately.

Aplicación de proyecto
Interfaz de la aplicación de proyectos odoo

A simple and efficient Project Manager interface

Simple-to-use project management software

Your projects simplified, broken down into small tasks by assigning them to your team to improve efficiency.

The stages are 100% customisable for each project to improve the workflow overview.

Project management integrated communication tools

With the ability to post quick notes, attach files to any task to keep you in touch with the whole team.

The powerful communication tool will enable you to follow up projects effectively.

Sistema de comunicación integrado con odoo

Analyse all your projects with intuitive summaries.

A dynamic graphical view for each task and project

You can create graphs to analyse all the data with extremely powerful search tools, filters and groupings with a variety of particular graphical interfaces with which you can have all the information for monitoring and maintenance of projects and tasks.



Creates project tasks automatically from order.

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Easily create and send invoices to Accounting from Point of Sale transactions.

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Synchronise every transaction with your inventories to keep their valuation up to date.

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Monitor expenses and re-invoice them in batches.

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