Business intelligence with Odoo.

Enhance your business intelligence decisions with real-time information and integrated spreadsheets

Ahead of competition

Spreadsheets are one of the most used tools in any sector, and now, integrated with Odoo, you can take advantage of multiple functionalities.

You will be able to make your projections, calculate all kinds of data and analyse them in real time with just one click.


Analyse the financial characteristics and draw conclusions.


With a solid business plan, improve the activities of your teams

Data Analysis

The importance of evidence-based decision-making.

Full design of your data

You can insert a data analysis using different variables: sales, purchases, budgets, etc.

You will get current and predictive historical views into the future. 

Gráfico de inteligencia de negocio BI
Gráfico de barras BI

Information in real time

As data is entered into the other applications within the Odoo ecosystem, the charts are continuously updated in real time without the need to export or import data.

Highlight the information.

Conditional formatting is an option,  that will help you detect and identify data that you consider critical, such as trends, patterns, etc.

 inteligencia de negocio BI

 inteligencia de negocio BI

Simple data filtering

You can add filters based on the data contained in the view, such as dates, text, etc 

Create stunning graphics

Graphs are representations that help you understand data visually and quickly. You will be able to see large volumes on a single screen, allowing you to analyse the data clearly.

Gráficos con BI

Plan your next steps.

With fully integrated applications,  you can connect to employee data, financial data, sales data, etc.


Strengthen your staff

Make quick decisions

Grow your business

Connected to your favourite apps.


Convert sales and purchase orders into invoices with just one click and track them during payment.

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Turn quotes into professional looking invoices in just one click.

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Share, send, categorize and archive scanned documents.

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Synchronize your stock levels according to your purchases and set automatic replenishment rules to avoid stock-outs.

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