Functional and Technical Support Odoo

Odoo support service for incidents, queries and much more to maintain a stable system in the long term.

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An efficient functional and technical support solution para  manage and resolve  all the needs of the company in a comprehensive manner

Open a request

If you have any queries about functionality or issues on your system

Indicate your need

Please indicate the severity of the problem for our team to determine priorities.

Consultation resolution

Scalable in-house system according to complexity and area of expertise

Efficient management, improved through years of experience

Our team's main goal is to guide users through an unexpected situation and help them get back to normal as quickly as possible.

Our supervisors will ensure that the correct process is followed for all tickets and correct any deviations. Coordinate and communicate with the process owner to verify the solution and ensure SLAs are met.

For users and technical team

Access control, support for error messages, translations, small errors, monitoring, doubts and queries. 

Technical Support

Updates, version changes, bug fixes, urgent assistance.

Features and Processes

Installing new standard and community applications,  automate processes and messages.

Training and Knowledge

Knowledge management, learning and training, onboarding of new users and video tutorials.

Happy users, stable system

What you need to make your Odoo ERP work in the long term

*Remote support means that the consultant or technician has the ability to connect to your team to help you solve a specific problem.

**Special category incidents (eg: system outages) will be attended to immediately. Support for queries or incidents of the General category will be attended according to the contracted plan.